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Top Golden Retriever Sites is one of the oldest and most comprehensive collaborative resources on the golden retriever breed of dog. golden retriever picturesOur community is designed to be an owner-helping-owner and general information resource on the breed. But there's something for all golden retriever owners here! Our community consists of an International Directory of golden retriever web-sites from around the world. Our golden retriever discussion forums are a must see, where you will find wide-ranging discussions on planning to breed, raising a puppy, training your golden retriever, handling behavior problems, health issues facing the breed, what to feed, longevity, grooming, traveling with your dog, interacting with your golden retriever, rescues, memorials, and there is even an area for potential owners. We also feature a golden retriever TopList of Sites and golden retriever pictures gallery, where owners from around the world showcase their top golden retrievers. Need a name for your golden retriever? A dog names database is provided, where you can see what golden retriever owners from around the world have named their dogs. Our Weblog Journal is our sites main Blog and articles system. Be sure to visit our series, What Golden Retrievers Do. See the main menu on the left for more detailed listing of our site resources. Also, check out our golden retriever stores: Books & Accessories,  Calendars,  Ornaments,  Art,   For Us Humans.   Sitemap.

Please participate in our research projects:
Golden Retriever Canine Cancer Database and Study:
If you owned a golden retriever that was diagnosed with any form of cancer, please add the information to our database, so we can gain an understanding of what forms of cancer are prevalent, their geographical location, forms of treatment and survival statistics. View Database.  Or Add your dog(s) to the Database.  Cancer Support Forum  Cancer News
Read owner reported cancer cases: Reported cases summary with links to case detail.
The cost of owning a golden retriever dog:
How much money do you spend on golden retriever ownership? With our financial database, you can generate reports that show you your total expenses according to your expense frequency; your total recurring expenses averaged out over one year; multi-year projections: cost estimates based on your grand total annual expenses.
Add your record(s) to the financial database and generate reports.  Browse financial database.  Get general information about the financial database.
Find out how much money you are spending on a single expense item, with our Multi-Year Single Item Projections Report application.
Golden Retriever Longevity Study:
If you owned a golden retriever that is now deceased, please register your dogs information into our Longevity database, so we can all gain a better understanding of how long our dogs live and what factors ultimately impact the longevity of our breed. View Database.  Or Add your dog(s) to the Database.
Reports: Average age at time of death.   Age groups summary.
What are you feeding your golden retriever?
Consumers can add, rate and review their dog foods on our dog food database. View, Rate/Review foods.
Or Add your dog food if not already on the database.
How much does your golden retriever weigh?There's a lot of talk these days about over-weight dogs. With this facility, you can compare your golden retrievers age/weight combination with those of other owners.
Take Survey.   Reports Only.
Weight chart for: Males  Females, as reported by their owners.
Golden retriever dog names:
We have what is probably the largest collection in the world of names of real golden retrievers from around the world. Please contribute the name of your dog to the database. Browse dog names.    Add your dog name(s).
Browse dog names by country.  Is your golden retrievers name popular?
Pictures Community:

We have one of the largest collections in the world of user-contributed golden retriever pictures golden retriever pictures. In our pictures community gallery, you can upload your own pictures, comment on other owners pictures, throw the dog a bone, give an award, and more. And with our Calendar Maker software, you can create events calendars, using pictures from the gallery: Register for Pictures Community.

Latest Feature Articles:
View All Weblog Articles

Golden Retriever Forums:
Register for golden retriever forums.

Our golden retriever forum is one of oldest, most comprehensive and actively managed discussion forums on the golden retriever breed of dog. Our golden retriever dog forums are a great way to share your pictures and experiences with owners from all over the world. Our forums now come with social groups and blogs features.

A few classic discussions from our forums:

Do Golden Retrievers smile???
Some of our members say yes!
Does your Golden Retriever smile?

Vacuum cleaners and Golden Retrievers???
You bet! The funny reactions our golden retrievers have towards these devices. Read about it, or tell us about your dogs reaction.

Who me???
I didn't do it.
Those misgolden retriever pictureschievous golden retrievers!
The naughty things our dogs do!
Read what some of our goldens did, or tell us about your golden retriever.

The surprising annual cost ($$$) of golden retriever ownership.
golden retriever picturesEven though we love our pets, when you stop to think about it, golden retriever ownership can weigh very heavily on your finances.
Are you prepared for the cost of golden retriever ownership?

Read what some people spend, or tell us about your costs.

Traveling with your Golden Retriever?
golden retriever picturesTips and information about traveling with your dog.
Read how some people travel with their dogs, or tell us your travel story or tips.

golden retriever pictures
Talk about Golden Retriever's!
Ask and answer questions on our Golden Retriever Forums.

At 19 & 1/2, Max was the oldest golden retriever male dog that we have on record, here at TGRS.
Read about Max


At 18 & 1/2, Dixie was the oldest golden retriever female dog that we have on record, here at TGRS.
Read about Dixie

What Golden Retrievers Do:

Our scrapbook that chronicals the history of our site, starring our favorite breed of dog, the golden retriever.
What Golden Retrievers Do:

Thinking about getting a golden retriever for the first time?

Visit our Potential Owners Forum first, where existing owners give their opinions on breed ownership.

General Information Page

Golden Retriever Memorials

If you would like us to create a free memorials page for your golden retriever that has passed on, simply submit pictures as email attachments, write a story (or captions) about your dog, and send it to us using our contact information.

You can also upload your own pictures and stories whenever you wish, using our pictures community.

Browse Current Memorials

Read Memorial Stories in our dog forums

Did You Know?
Golden Retrievers are trained for search & rescue, arson detection, drug detection, therapy dogs, hearing dogs, guide dogs for the blind, and handicap assistance dogs. Not to mention outstanding hunting and personal companions.
-Read about some incredible goldens.
Golden Retriever Dog Names:
Our dog names database contains the names of real golden retrievers from around the world. Don't forget to add your golden retrievers name to the database.

- Add your dog names -

New dog names this month

Most popular dog names

Most popular female dog names

Most popular male dog names

Male dog names (Sorted by Name)

Male dog names (Sorted by Country)

Male dog names (Sorted by Type)

Female dog names (Sorted by Name)

Female dog names (Sorted by Country)

Female dog names (Sorted by Type)

Rare Female dog names

Rare Male dog names

View all dog names

Cross Gender Report

See how popular your dogname is

Browse dog names by country

Search dog names database

- Add your dog names -


Have you (or do you currently) own a Golden Retriever?


All words are the names of different dog breeds.



This United States president caused quite a stir in the dog world, when he picked his dogs up by their ears, while being filmed for the evening news.

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